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Matt Warren


At just 15, Matt Warren was splicing reel to reel tape, making mix tapes, deconstructing radios and every electronic device he could find in order to discover how they worked. He spent years mastering the craft of Creative Imaging & Sound Design specifically designed for Radio, TV & Film, and in 2010, Gorilla Sound was born. Six years later, Matt had over 30 clients on his roster and realized his dream was much bigger than a one man show. He spent the next 2 years developing friendships, meeting producers, clients and like minded individuals who share his vision. In 2018 “Team” Gorilla Sound was born!




At age 12, Gavan knew what he was going to do when he grew up. 13 years later, he’s still doing it! When he isn’t screaming at the TV over a fumble or a missed 3-point shot, he can be found crafting audio nuggets for stations around the world. After all, it still is his dream gig!




Brady Goodman is the Deadpool of Gorilla Sound. We have no clue what that means, but we send him your copy and it comes back smokin', so we don’t ask questions. He is a father of 3, husband to 1 but is married to the Radio game. He is so stereotypical Kansas City that he probably has BBQ sauce on his Royals’ Jersey right now.

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